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What's a Guidebook?

Guidebooks let hosts suggest local spots, like restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and attractions. Some cities also have city guidebooks, which are combined lists of recommendations that hosts have added to their own guidebooks.

To create or edit a guidebook:

  1. Go to Your listings on and select a listing
  2. Click Manage listing
  3. Next to Guidebook, click Edit to add or make changes
  4. Click Add, then the changes will automatically save. From there, you can select that recommendation to update, cancel, or delete.

You can now create one guidebook for all of your listings. You can select multiple listings for each guidebook that you create.

You can create a host guidebook only after you've completed the steps to list your space.

Guidebooks that were created previously are accessible only by the primary host. If you’re a co-host, you may not have access to the guidebook.

Because these guidebooks are public, you’ll need to remove your recommendations if you don’t want them to appear for all guests.

Host recommendations in city guidebooks

With city guidebooks, recommendations from host guidebooks are used to provide a detailed picture of what guests can do in that city. Three recommendations will be featured and will include a link to the host’s guidebook and listing. These featured recommendations will change over time.

To determine which recommendations to use, our algorithms look at the most interesting content created around each location, based on informativeness, uniqueness, and representation of the place. We then show the most helpful recommendations which seem to provide the most compelling information for guests.

The best way to be featured in city guidebooks is to continue expanding your own host guidebook with your favorite places in the area.

Can’t find a city guidebook

At this time, not all cities have a city guidebook but we’re actively looking to add more. The best way to help your city get a guidebook is to expand your own host guidebook with your recommendations. Once enough hosts create robust guidebooks, this information can be gathered together in a city guidebook.

Leave feedback about guidebooks

If you have any thoughts or concerns about guidebooks, you can provide us direct feedback. While not all feedback will make it to the site or receive a response, we encourage you to share your knowledge and opinions.