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Uploading supporting documentation in Japan

Which official documents are valid for submission?

It varies depending on the laws under which your listing is operated.

1. In the case where you have a notification number for the Private Lodging Business Act: please submit one of the following documents

– A copy of the Private Lodging Business display permit*

– A screenshot of the notification email from the municipal authority

– A screenshot of the Private Lodging administrator system

– A screenshot of the acceptance notification email from the Private Lodging System

– A written notice with your notification number

*You can find examples of the display permits below (PDF listed on the Japan Tourism Agency website)

2. In the case where you have the license for the Inns and Hotels Act

– A copy of the licence

3. In the case where you have the authorization certificate for the National Strategic Special Zones Act (National Strategic Special Zones Lodging Facilities for Foreign Nationals)

– A copy of the Special Zone Private Lodging Permit

Are there any restrictions on the files that need to be uploaded?

  • Image files taken with digital cameras, smartphones, etc.
  • PDF version of the files.

(○) The entire official document is clearly shown.

(☓) Only a portion of the official document is shown. The image is blurred. The resolution of the image is too low. Part of the documentation is masked.

Is there a maximum number of files that can be uploaded?

Only 1 file can be uploaded. If you cannot capture the documentation in a single photo, please combine multiple documents in one pdf file to submit.

What should I do if I have misplaced my official documents?

Consult your municipal authority that issues notification or license/authorization certificate about procedures such as reissuing documents.

What if I forged and uploaded my license?

Forging or providing false information is a crime and absolutely unacceptable. There are strict penalties, including suspension or withdrawal, if these acts are detected.

In addition, he/she is criminally liable if he/she falls under the crime of forgery of sealed public documents (Article 155 (1) of the Japanese Criminal Code) and the crime of exercise (Article 158 (1) of the same Code). Separately, the police or administrative authorities may be notified of any counterfeiting obstruction offence (Article 233 (2) of the Japanese Criminal Code) and legal remedies, including a claim for damages, will be taken as necessary.

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