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Pay for a long-term reservation

Planning to stay awhile? Fantastic. Here's how payments work for reservations of 28 nights or more:

  1. First-month down payment: You'll be charged this up front, but we’ll hold off on releasing it to the Host until 24 hours after check-in
  2. Monthly installments: We'll charge your second payment to the same payment method approximately 1 month after check-in, and each month thereafter for the duration of your reservation

Your monthly price is locked in at the beginning of the reservation, and you can track your payment and find your total cost on your billing receipt.


The long-term cancellation policy is automatically applied to all reservations of 28 nights or more and generally requires a 30-day notice.

Making early payments for monthly installments

While it’s not required, you always have the option to pay upcoming monthly installments a little early, as long as it’s within 7 days before your payment is due.

For example, if your payment is due on July 11, you’ll be able to pay as early as July 4 at 12am UTC.

To find out when a payment is due:

  1. Go to Trips and select the reservation you want
  2. Click Show details
  3. Under Reservation details, click Get receipts and manage payments
  4. Go to Scheduled Payments and find the payment date

How payments work for India

For domestic stays over 28 days in India, you’ll be charged in full when your reservation is confirmed. Learn more about paying for a long-term reservation in India.

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