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    Can I share all of my listings in one place?

    If you manage 6 or more listings, you can share all of your listings in one place through your pro marketing page. Your pro marketing page is a dedicated landing page where potential guests can browse all your listings as well as search your listings by date and number of guests. It also includes social media share buttons so you can easily share your page or the individual listings on Facebook and Twitter as well as via email and Facebook Messenger.

    At this time, if you are the co-host of any listings, these listings won’t show on your page.

    If you have fewer than 6 listings and would like to use this feature, you can sign up for professional hosting tools.

    To review and edit your pro marketing page:

    1. Go to your Host Dashboard on your desktop computer
    2. Click Go to pro marketing page
    3. Click Edit page on the cover photo
    4. Add your company logo
    5. Add your own cover photo or choose from our selection of pre-selected cover photos
    6. Click Publish
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