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Add or remove guests on your itinerary

Sometimes friends will want to join you at the last minute, or someone has to drop out of a trip. Luckily, you can add or remove guests from a reservation before you check-in at any time, you just can’t change the guest count once the trip has begun.

Depending on the Host’s pricing, changes to the number of guests may affect the total cost of your trip. The original total and new total will show once your changes are confirmed.

Adding or removing guests

  1. Go to Trips and under Upcoming, select the trip you want to change
  2. Under Reservation details, click Manage guests
  3. Add or remove guests, then click Continue
  4. Review your changes and any price difference, then click Send request

Once the Host agrees to your changes, they’ll be applied automatically.

Note: If you booked the trip and need to cancel, you can’t transfer the reservation to someone else—you’ll need to cancel it and ask the other guests to rebook.

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