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What are the policies for listings created through API-connected software?

Any listing that you create through your API-connected software needs to comply with our listing policies to ensure a consistent experience for our guests. Listings that don’t follow these policies won’t be published on Airbnb.

Content policies

Make sure that your listings’ content meets the following requirements before you publish them:

  • Include at least 8 characters in the listing title
  • Write at least 50 characters in the listing description field
  • Upload at least 7 photos, including 3 high-resolution (800x500 pixels) photos
  • Detail at least 5 amenities in your listing

Booking policies

Any listing that you create through your software is pre-set to Instant Book. If your software supports it, you can turn on a Request to Book option for inquiries that are past your booking lead time.

Cancellation policies

API-connected hosts must verify their business information if they want to use the Super Strict 30 Days cancellation policy. Additionally, to confirm their identity, API-connected hosts must provide their ID. When uploading an ID, make sure that the ID is either of the company owner or legal representative for your business.

Room type policies

Our Room type inventory allows you to have multiple availabilities for the same listing on the same day. You can group multiple rooms into a single “representative” set and use daily availability counts to manage the availability on the listing.

This feature should be used only when there’s more than one room available for the listing and when the rooms are similar enough to be considered substitutes of each other. Your rooms should have the same amenities, bed configurations, size, decor, and address.

Note that any listings with the property type House aren’t eligible to be listed as Room type inventory.