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    How do I create listings through API-connected software?

    If you use API-connected software that’s integrated with Airbnb, you can publish listings and manage them directly through your property management system (PMS) or channel manager (CM).

    You can get started by connecting your software to Airbnb:

    1. Set up an Airbnb account, if you don’t already have one
    2. Connect your account by granting your PMS or CM permission to manage your existing Airbnb account
    3. Select the listings you want to publish from your PMS or CM

    If you don’t have existing listings on Airbnb

    Select the listings you want to publish on your connected software and they’ll automatically publish on Airbnb. Once completed, you’ll receive an email confirming that your listings have been successfully published.

    Any listing that you create through your software must be compliant with our API program policies.

    If you have existing listings on Airbnb

    If you have existing listings on Airbnb that you now want to manage through your software, you’ll need to merge them to keep existing content and reviews, and to avoid creating duplicates.

    You can merge listings through your software if your PMS or CM supports it. If it doesn’t support merging, you’ll need to merge and publish directly on Airbnb’s sync page.

    For more specifics on how to merge your listings on Airbnb, read about how to merge and publish API-connected listings on Airbnb.

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