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    What should I know about booking a home in Japan?

    Airbnb Hosts must show the license or registration number in all listings in Japan.

    A Host is required to submit the supporting document to Airbnb to prove that they are legally allowed to host before listing their room in Japan. To check its registration, click Read more about the space, where you’ll find the license or registration number.

    Guest registration when you check in

    Under the Japanese law, when you check in, your Host is required to record every guests’ information such as name, address, occupation, and dates of stay.

    Please note that the following is only a general statement of legal information. Guests may be required to provide additional information for strict identification purposes based on non-legal grounds (e.g., accommodation contract with the Host, ordinances of the city where the listing is located, etc.). If you are a guest and are concerned about providing your personal information, be sure to clarify what information needs to be provided and satisfy yourself before making a reservation.

    For guests who are foreign nationals and who do not have an address in Japan 

    In addition to the above items, the Host is obligated to record every guests’ nationality and passport number, and to keep a copy of the passport as a record. Therefore, the guest is obligated to cooperate with the Host in complying with laws and regulations.

    At the same time, the Host should explain to the guest in advance in the house rules, etc., about the presentation of the passport for the purpose of identification in order to ensure a smooth stay.

    If the guest is a foreign national with a Japanese resident status, it is not necessary to keep a copy of the passport. For the purpose of determining whether or not a foreign guest has an address in Japan, the Host should explain to the guest in advance in the house rules, etc., that the guest may be asked to present their IDs.

    Check the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

    For guests who are Japanese nationals or who have an address in Japan 

    The Host is not required to ask for a passport or to keep a record of a copy, but may ask for identification (passport, driver's license, insurance card, my number card, residence card, etc.) to verify the guests’ identity. Hosts should explain to their guests in advance that they may ask for identification in order to verify the guest's identity.

    If you have any questions

    Hosts should contact the supervising local government, and guests should contact the Minpaku System Call Center (0570-041-389) directly.

    Please note that the above information is for reference only and is general information as of March 31, 2021. Airbnb cannot provide advice on whether or not identification at check-in is required or appropriate.

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