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What are Airbnb’s rules about dangerous animals?

Our Standards & Expectations require that hosts not keep dangerous animals in a listing without properly securing the animal in a safe and secure accommodation. If a dangerous animal is present in a listing, hosts are required to indicate its presence in their House Rules.

Guests are also required to send a message to their host letting them know that they’re traveling with a dangerous animal.

If an animal causes an injury, we my suspend the owner’s account may be suspended or remove them from Airbnb.

What’s considered a dangerous animal

A dangerous animal is one that’s capable of causing serious harm to humans or other animals present in the listing. Both wild and domesticated species can be considered dangerous.

In wild animals (species not typically adapted to living in a human environment), characteristics that may represent a danger to humans and other pets include size, strength, and toxicity/venomousness. In any individual animal, traits that can become a danger to humans and other animals include aggressive behavior, a propensity for attacking, predatory behavior, and risk of transmitting disease. An otherwise docile animal can be considered dangerous if an injury is reported.

Guests should message their host to let them know they’re traveling with a dangerous animal.

Hosts should disclose the presence of wild animal in their House Rules. To update House Rules:

  1. Go to Your listings and select a listing
  2. Click Manage listing
  3. Next to House Rules, click Edit
  4. Under Details guests must know about your home, select that a dangerous animal is present

Acceptable safe and secure accommodation

Safe and secure accommodation for a dangerous animal is an enclosure suited to the needs of the animal that eliminates the risk of harm. The enclosure must prevent any escape and/or contact between the secured animal and people or other animals.