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    How do I use Western Union to receive payouts?

    Never pay for a reservation outside Airbnb's secure, on-site payment system. If a host or guest asks to pay for a reservation outside our on-site payment system, report the message by clicking in the message thread with that person.

    Airbnb host payouts are available through Western Union in some countries. To see if Western Union is available to you as a payout method:

    1. Go to Account on
    2. Select Payout Preferences
    3. Click Add Payout Method. After entering your address, you'll see a list of your payout and currency options.

    If Western Union isn’t listed, it's not available as a payout method for your country or region.

    If Western Union is available and you choose it as your payout method, enter your name as it appears on your government ID, including your first, middle, and last names. Don't include special characters, apostrophes, or hyphens. To collect your payouts, your official ID will need to match your account information.

    Collecting Western Union host payouts

    If you choose Western Union as your payout method, you'll receive a unique confirmation number (called an MTCN) in an email from Airbnb once your payout is released. You need this number to pick up your money from a Western Union Quick Cash agent location. Western Union payouts expire after 90 days.

    Fees and conditions

    • Western Union processing fee: A $10 USD fee is deducted from each Western Union transaction to cover processing costs.
    • Minimum payout amount: A minimum payout of $60 USD is required before your payout will be sent.
    • Maximum payout amount: The maximum Western Union transaction amount is $2000 USD. If your payout is more than $2000 USD, it’s divided into several smaller transactions. Western Union can’t process identical sums on the same day, so if you have a payout of $4000 or more, only $2000 can be processed per day.
    • Currency and exchange rate: Western Union payouts are sent in USD. Western Union sets any exchange rates between USD and your local currency.
    • Additional fees: Additional fees may be required by the local government. These are not set or charged by Airbnb.
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