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How do I use an AIS card to receive payments?

An AIS debit card is only available as an Airbnb payout method in Cuba. To see if it's available to you, look for it when you add a payout method. If the option appears, you'll be able to add your AIS card as your payout method.

Applying for an AIS card

AIS cards are available to Cuban citizens and are issued free of charge. You can apply in person at the Financiera CIMEX (FINCIMEX) offices. For more information, visit the AISRemesasCuba website.

You’ll need to provide information about yourself and anyone else who will be receiving money from the AIS card. This includes:

  • Two forms of identification
  • Local Identification Number
  • Address, occupation, and banking information
  • Sworn Declaration

You’ll need to pick up your AIS debit card in person at the FINCIMEX Territorial Office closest to your residence. Cards are typically ready for pickup 5-20 business days after you apply.

Receiving payouts

Once you’ve added your AIS card as your payout method, your payout will be sent in USD and loaded onto your AIS card in CUC. Airbnb may charge an additional 7% fee for all payouts to hosts in Cuba, regardless of their payout method.

Airbnb releases payouts approximately 24 hours after the check-in date, and the funds are typically added to your AIS card account within 2-5 business days, excluding holidays.