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Canton of Ticino

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This article provides specific information about local laws that apply to people who host their homes in the Canton of Ticino. Just like our country article for Switzerland, it’s your responsibility to verify and comply with any obligations that apply to you as a host. This article can serve as a starting point or place you can come back to if you have questions but it isn’t exhaustive and it doesn’t constitute legal or tax advice. It’s a good idea to check to make sure laws and procedures are current.

Some of the laws that might affect you are complicated. Contact Ticino Tourism directly or consult a local authority, such as an attorney or tax professional, if you have questions.

Short-term rental regulations

The cantonal tourism law (“Legge sul turismo”) is a law that imposes different regulations for tourism in Ticino.

Registration obligations

Since February 1, 2022, every Host who is sharing residential or commercial space on a short-term basis in the Canton of Ticino has to obtain and display a registration number in the respective listing. You can find further information about the registration obligations on the official website of the Canton, where you can also access the online registration system.

After obtaining the registration number you must add it in the appropriate field in your Airbnb listing. You can find that field by following these instructions:

  1. Go to Listings and select the listing for which you wish to add the registration number
  2. Go to Policies and rules and scroll down until you see the section Laws and regulations
  3. Next to Regulations, click Edit
  4. Under Add a permit number click Add

Spa tax

Check the spa tax law for more information about taxes that apply to hosts in Canton of Ticino.

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