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After your trip: Handling disagreements

Disagreements don’t have to be disagreeable when you have a way to address the issues. Here’s how we can help:  

Money-related issues

You can use our Resolution Center within 60 days of your reservation's checkout date to request or send money for things related to your Airbnb trip. It helps to have any photos or other relevant evidence ready when you submit a Resolution Center request.

Staying at a hotel? The Resolution Center may not be available for use with some hotel stays. In those cases, you will need to resolve issues directly with the hotel. You may also contact us to help mediate issues where helpful.

Reviews issues

If you’d like to respond to a review with your perspective of the situation, or to address feedback given, you can leave a response within 30 days of when the review was written. It will post directly below the review and will be visible to the rest of the Airbnb community. If the review is against our policies, you can report it.

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