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    Special offers and how they work

    A special offer lets you set a custom price for a guest who sends you a booking inquiry. This is a great way to help a guest book your place, but only send a special offer if you’re ready to confirm a reservation.

    Once you’ve sent a guest a special offer, we’ll notify them. If the guest accepts the special offer, the reservation will be automatically confirmed and you're all set.

    There are some good things to know about special offers before you send one:

    • They expire in 24 hours.
    • You can offer multiple guests the same special offer, and the reservation will be confirmed for the guest who accepts first.
    • A special offer doesn’t block dates on your calendar until it's accepted by a guest, so you can accept a request to book from another guest even if a special offer you sent hasn’t expired.
    • If you don't see the option to send a special offer, check that the dates on your calendar aren't blocked or that you don't have any pending reservation requests for the same dates. If you have a pending request from another guest, you'll need to decline it before you can send a special offer.
    • If you already have a security deposit on your listing, it will be handled as normal and you don't need to add it to your special offer total.
    • When you send a special offer, enter the total price you’d like to offer your guest for their stay, and make sure to include all nights of the reservation. Be sure to include your additional guest fee as well as cleaning fees, pet fees, or any other fees you've agreed upon.
    • Special offers do not include guest service fees and any relevant taxes.
    • For special offers over 28 days in length, you have the option to offer a subtotal (the entire amount) or a monthly price.
    • After accepting a special offer, the reservation cannot be changed at all during the booking process or else it will revert back to the original price.

    Confirmed reservations

    If a guest has already submitted a reservation request or has confirmed a reservation, you won't have the option to send them a special offer. You can still change the details on an existing reservation by changing the reservation.

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