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    The Valencian government has laws to regulate tourist accommodations. Valencia’s regulations define a “tourist accommodation” as any real-estate property that’s immediately available for repeat rentals to tourists for tourism, leisure, or holiday use. The property must also have a report from the city that states the property may be used as a tourist accommodation.

    Valencia considers “regular basis” to be whenever any of the following circumstances are applicable to a property:

    1. A third party manages rental of the property for tourist use
    2. An owner or title-holder provides hospitality services, regardless of the rental duration
    3. You offer the property through tourist channels


    You need to register any tourist accommodation in Valencia with the Valencia’s Tourism Register by submitting a formal notice to the Territorial Tourism Service of the province where the dwellings are located that states your intention to use the property for tourist accommodation.

    After you complete registration, your tourist accommodation will receive a registration number.

    Advertising requirement

    Whenever you offer a tourist accommodation that’s located in Valencia, you need to display its registration number and category, including on Airbnb.

    There’s a field you can use to include your registration number in the Listing details section.

    Additional information

    Valencia’s tourism department has more information about regulations for tourist rentals. You can also read the full tourist accomodation law on the Valencian Government website.

    You can also contact the tourism offices in Valencia if you have any questions.

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