How long does it take a bank account to become ready?

It usually takes less than five business days to verify your bank account so you can use it as a payout method.

There are 4 different statuses your account may have:

  • New: the payout method is still editable; we cannot send payouts to this payout method
  • Pending: the payout method is not editable; please wait for the status to change or for email communication about additional verification needed
  • Ready: the payout method is not editable; we can send payouts to this payout method
  • Error: please remove this payout method and add a new payout method; we cannot send payouts to this payout method

Your bank account will not be immediately verified. Instead, its status will change to pending verification. When the status of your bank account updates to ready, you'll be able to receive payouts.

In some countries, we'll verify your bank account information when you provide it to us the first time by depositing a small sum around $1 USD or less before sending you a payout. This is to make sure we avoid sending money to the wrong account. We only need to verify an account once. Go ahead and keep the change! It's on us.

Related information: You can add a payout method and set up split payouts between multiple bank accounts.

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