Craft Beer, BBQ & Cheers

Hosted by Dan
The host of this experience
3 hours total
1 meal and Drinks
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.
About your host, Dan
I grew up in America and returned to Korea 12 years ago to find my roots. My blog, Seoul Eats took off and now I own restaurants and run a several food businesses including restaurants. I’ve been on TV & got to show Anthony Bourdain, Zimmern, Torode and Iron Chef Judy Joo around. I am always on the lookout for new Korean trends and how it relates to food and society. Come eat with me!
What we’ll do
I'll take you through my up and coming neighborhood that is now a popular hipster hangouts along with traditional Korean stores. Where my bar is now used to be near a famous brothel, gay clubs, and before that it was a traditional village. I'll tell you the history of my neighborhood over good food and drink.
What I’ll provide
2 meals 󴀁
Koreans eat with drinks so it is like tapas. We'll Start with Korean BBQ, get snacks and then fried chicken with craft beer.

soju, beer, rice beer 󲀃
Within reason. We drink socially rest is on your own dime. I buy the first round (beer sampler @ my pub), the rest is on you.
If there's only 1 person you may be asked to join another date. The GPS doesn't always work. Jongno 3ga Subway Station (line 5, 3 and 1), Exit 6. Taxi: 기사님 종로 3가역 6번 출구에서 저 좀 태워주세요. 픽업 해주세요.
Where we’ll be
We'll start from Jongno 3ga station and wander down noodle alley and then to an area full of barbecue places for a bite. We'll check out some hipster shops that are transforming the area and then go to my favorite local rice beer house and then head to my bar for some craft beers with snacks.
Group size
There are 8 spots available on this experience.
You don’t have to fill all of them. Experiences are meant to be social, so other travelers could join too.
Guest requirements
From the host
If you don't drink, non-alcoholic substitutes will be given.
This experience includes alcohol. Only guests who meet the legal drinking age will be served alcoholic beverages.
Who can come
Guests ages 18 and up can attend.
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$65 per person