Korean Home Food Cooking at Home

Food & drink experience
Hosted by Hogan
The host of this experience
2.5 hours total
1 meal, Snacks and Drinks
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.
There’s only one spot left. Join 3 others at Hogan’s experience next Saturday.
About your host, Hogan
I'm a food(mainly home cooking) blogger living in Seoul with wife and two lovely daughters. I've run my blog for more than 10 years. I love cooking and sharing experiences with friends.
What we’ll do
For 2.5 hours, we will cook and eat Korean home food together. The foods are steamed rice, Doenjangguk(Soybean paste soup), and 7~8 side dishes. Side dishes will be Bulgogi, Jabchae(glass noodle with vegetables), Kimchi pancake, Sauteed tofu, Cooked vegetables, Fresh kimchi, and steamed egg. These are typical Korean daily home meals. All foods are cooked with homemade Korean traditional sauce. Y…
What I’ll provide
Rice, soup, side dishes 󴀁
There will be seven side dishes. All food will be cooked with guests.

Coffee or tea 󲀃
Seasonal fruits 󴀁
Who can come
Guests ages 8 and up can attend.
English(mainly) and Korean available. If you have any kind of food allergy, please let me know. You can tell me when you want to cook specific Korean foods. Koreans can book my trip as well.
Where we’ll be
Every activity is done at my sweet home. My house is an apartment where most Seoul citizens live. Here you'll learn how people in seoul live and eat. My kitchen and living room are well designed to accommodate guests.
$53 per person