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Experience Your Inner Bliss!

Experience Your Inner Bliss!

Duration:1.5 hours total
Includes:Snacks and Equipment
Languages:Offered in English
Availability for this experience is extremely rare.

About your host

Gayathri and her husband Shylesh envisioned Atmanandam ("Inner Bliss of the Soul") to create and hold sacred space for others seeking answers to life and conscious living with awareness and acceptance. They are committed to a life of intention, introspection, awareness and acceptance which they consider essential for the challenges of modern day living. They help teach how to invoke a sacred…

About Atmanandam Mission

Atmanandam Mission is a secular and spiritually based organization offering conscious living workshops online, locally and as retreats at their meditation retreat center in India. Practices based in the Eastern traditions of India, guide you into a heart-based approach to life, nurture a deeper sense of self-awareness, acceptance and enhance personal insights to lead into inner transformation.
This is a social impact experience where 100% of what you pay for this experience goes to Atmanandam Mission. .

What we’ll do

This interactive workshop is an immersion experience into meditation, breath control and sound vibrational practices to help promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, develop better mental clarity and focus, create inner peace and an improved state of well-being. Techniques taught in this workshop include simple yogic breath practices, Sound (Mantra chanting), guided meditation and…

What else you should know

Bring a pillow or cushion, shawl/ blanket to enable a comfortable experience. Dress casually and comfortably and not in jeans. NOTE: We are a strictly scent and smoke-free environment.

What I’ll provide

Cushions and yoga mats are available but you may bring your own.
Light refreshments as fruit, crackers & nuts and herbal tea will be served to guests after the experience.

What to bring

A notebook or journal to write and record your experiences
Yoga mat, cushion, blanket or pillow (some will be provided)
Loose, comfortable clothes, a shawl, no jewelry

wellness classsocial impact
$45 per person
$45 per person