Sacred Mountain Hike 1hr from Shinjuku

Sports experience
Hosted by Bradley
The host of this experience
7 hours total
1 meal, Snacks and Drinks
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.
About your host, Bradley
I have been an outdoor guide, photographer, and journalist in Japan for more than 25 years. I've hiked, biked, and run up the various trails around Mount Takao more than 50 times. I operate a tour company in Tokyo called Freewheeling, which specializes in cycling and hiking. It has become my life's mission to help people enjoy Japan and get outside to enjoy the natural world wi…
What we’ll do
We will meet at the exit gate of Takaosanguchi station at 10:00am with my Jack Russel terrier dog named "Jacksan." Our hike to the 599meter summit is 6-8km R/T with breaks for lunch, photos and snacks. There is an optional ropeway for descents if you feel tired. We begin with a 2hr trek through a lush forest following a mountain stream where monks still sit under waterfalls meditating. We will hav…
What I’ll provide
Japanese lunch box 󴀁
I will provide a hikers "bento lunch" with rice balls, chicken and vegetables. Let me know if you have any food requests.

Bottle of water or tea 󲀃
Beer is great after we finish our journey. No alcohol permitted during the hike however—Jacksan's rules.

Ice cream 󴀁
You can try an ice cream from my favorite vending machine or a cold or hot drink.
Who can come
Guests ages 13 and up can attend.
Bring an extra layer, cap or warm hat, copy of identification or insurance, large water bottle, sunscreen, and mosquito repellant. Wear walking or jogging shoes.
Where we’ll be
Mount Takao has an ancient history as a holy mountain, where Buddhist and Shinto priests offer prayers to the Mountain Gods. It's historically known for the Shugendo practice, which combines martial arts with meditation. Samurais train here, learning to ride horseback and survive in the mountains.
$55 per person