Afro-Cuban Culture Guide

Lifestyle experience
Hosted by Adriana & Jose
The host of this experience
5 hours total
1 meal, Snacks, Drinks, 1 ticket and Transportation
Offered in English
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.
About your host, Adriana & Jose
I am a professor at the University and I have lived for 15 years in Guanabacoa town, the heart of Afro-Cuban culture in Cuba. I grew up amid the religious traditions, Santeria, Palo Monte, and Abakuá.
What we’ll do
From the Mamainé Café, we’ll travel to the township of Guanabacoa, cot of the Afro Cuban culture. Once there, we will visit the local museum where you can learn about 3 afro Cuban religions. Then, we will walk on the streets of my town having a firsthand contact with the reality of many Cubans. Finally, we will meet Damian, a “babalawo” of Santeria, at his altar, where we will receive a cleanse fr…
What I’ll provide
Afro Cuban Meal 󴀁
Welcoming Coffee 󲀃
Beer at a local bar A cup of "Aguardiente"

Entrance to the museum 󷀁
Payment for using a camera is not included

Round Trip Transport 󵀁
Traditional Food 󴀁
Once we finish with the experience, if you wish you can stay for a reading with the babalawo and have the perfect opportunity to take a closer look in to your future. It has an additional cost.
Where we’ll be
After meeting at Café Mamainé in El Vedado, we will travel to Guanabacoa town. There we will start at the local museum in order to be introduced to the afro cuban religions and then, visit the altar of a Babalawo where we will have a first hand contact with this beatiful culture.
$79 per person
Prices may vary depending on the date you select.