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Duplex Brownstone

“Great for anyone willing to stay for a few nights in a very nice neighborhood in Brooklyn--close to Prospect Park, B & Q express trains to the city. Downside is you'll have to sleep on that futon in the picture, though we have large communal spaces.”

Spacious 2 Bedroom/Sleep 6/Park Ave

“Located between prestigious Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue, This is a superb Eastside address in the heart of lively midtown Manhattan. It is conveniently located to many of the most exclusive shops, restaurants and night life in the city. ”

Unbeatable 2BR Minutes from Midtown

“Our spacious two bedroom apartment is perfect for all types of travelers! It can comfortably fit six people, and is located a half block from the subway, with a quick 15 minute subway ride to midtown. This place is perfect for all your NYC travels!”


“Hi, This is a Loft Three Bedroom Apartment it has three separate bedrooms with full size beds, a Living room, full bathroom, and a full kitchen equipped with: dining area, table, chairs, cabinets and more. (2nd floor walk up)”

Amazing Balcony View! Near Times Sq

“1 room in a 4 bedroom/ 2 bathroom luxury apartment, just blocks from Times Square Access to gym, pool, and sauna! 2 male & 1 female reside in the other rooms - Friendly & respectful with a very sweet pet cat. Smoking on outdoor balcony only”

Private Room in Greenwich Village

“Three blocks South of the iconic Washington Square Park and three blocks North of Soho. In the summer, there are plenty of places to get brunch on outdoor terraces, stumble upon street fairs, see sidewalk performances and meet old or new friends!”

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