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Unique things to do in El Paso County

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Mountains, animals and fresh bread
We have a beautiful homestead in the mountains! We have Kevin our llama, our 5 Nigerian dwarf goats, 30 chickens, 2 turkeys and a new baby Nubian goat! We are offering a homemade bread making class with multiple options like plain, cinnamon raisin, cinnamon rolls...etc! While the bread is proofing you can go on the farm and meet the animals!! All our profits go right back into our homestead for our animals and making it better! Bring a beer or a glass of wine to enjoy! There will be small finger food also! Meet friends, catch beautiful mountain views, cuddle some animals and take home your fresh baked creation! You will also take home a full instruction sheet to make bread at your own home!
The Great Sound Bath of the Rockies - Deep Relaxation
To begin our group sound bath session, we start with brief introductions, discuss expectations and intentions, and answer any questions that may arise. You will then be guided to focus on your breath to become comfortable and relaxed. I encourage you to allow your body and mind to do what it needs in order to receive the sounds and vibration of the singing bowls. This is an experience that may help us to bring peace to our mind and spirit, and allows us to synchronize our vibrations and energy. I ask that our group explores various ways to connect with our higher selves, grounding ourselves, and enjoy the experience of deep relaxation. Other things to note: If you have any medical condition, make sure you talk to your doctor first, before joining us for a sound bath. Please inform Gigi of your condition before starting. We ask this because the vibrations may not be in harmony with some conditions. Of course, I can always return your money if we feel that it may not be the thing for you. Sound baths are wonderful, but like everything else, it is not for everyone. Address: 1102 South 21st Colorado Springs, CO 80904. Namaste, Gigi Turner, PsyD.
Paint, Drink, Relax
Come relax in our fun, colorful atmosphere for an afternoon or evening of guided painting, whilst sipping on a few glasses of wine! This experience offers different paintings based on the current season and/or holiday, so you will get a few options to choose from based on our theme for the month. It will be myself or my husband teaching, or both of us depending on the day and time. This class is mainly for beginners, but if you'd like to come blow us away with your skills, please do! We promise to make it light-hearted and allow you to paint something you can be proud of, but we always encourage those who want to add more at home to do so! We have great insider knowledge for where to get the best supplies, so please don't hesitate to ask!
Pottery Lesson with Rhonda Lee Pottery Studio
This is a 3 hour individual session to try your hand at making pottery. I will give a quick studio tour and demonstrate wedging clay then move on to the potters wheel and show you how it is done. Next it will be your turn. I will give as much instruction as you want and customize the session to you. Any skill level is welcome-beginners to advanced. You may just want the experience and the clay may be recycled but up to 3 pots may be kept during the session. I will trim as necessary the next day and glaze and fire for you. Shipping finished pots is an extra cost and participants may make additional pots for an extra charge.
Liquid Arts Glassblowing Experience
You will learn the basics of lampworking AKA glassblowing. The main difference is glassblowing is done with a very large oven called a glory hole, while lampworking uses a torch. This is a 4-hour class and about 1 hour is spent training you on safety and techniques. This is split up throughout the experience. You will spend about a full 3 hours on the torch playing with molten glass. In the class, we can go over basic items like an implosion or a mushroom marble, pendants, glass ice cubes, and other more simple-to-make items. Glassblowing is freaking fun and amazing, but it is not easy at the start. Be warned, you may experience too much fun, melting glass in fire is just plain cool! Another project we have been working on incorporating is trying to make a pipe with you for a small added cost. It takes a good amount of time to make one from scratch so we have pre-made pipe slugs you can pick from so we can whip it up and potentially add a marble you made to it in a timely fashion. The pre-made slugs do cost a little extra as it takes more labor, but you get a really cool extra special piece. With this added option the teacher will be the one making the pipe towards the end of the class if not after the class so all who still need help can get the help they need. We use an ozone generator nightly to sanitize the work facility to ensure a healthy work zone
Morning Mountain Birds & Breakfast
Are you an early bird? Looking for a unique way to get the day started? Do you love homemade cinnamon rolls? Come enjoy a morning facing the west slope of Pikes Peak where you can relax, soak in the scenery, & see all the wildlife. I'll bring out seed and call to let the birds & critters know it's breakfast time. We'll provide you with all the birdseed you need to keep our feathered friends interested. I'll be available to help identify the various species of birds as they come in and provide a myriad of interesting facts about the different breeds. We'll try to bring the Pygmy Nuthatches and Mountain Chickadees in to eat from your hand! Naturally, I can't guarantee our feathered friends will be that brave, but it happens often! Although our birds change with the seasons, we always have Stellar Jays, Pinyon Jays, and big, noisy Nutcrackers, as well as several varieties of Nuthatches and Woodpeckers, and a variety of small finches. In the meantime, we'll serve coffee, juice, or tea and warm, homemade cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven. Enjoy the mountain air and marvel in the beauty of nature for as long as you'd like on our mountain property. Other things to note No pets. In the event of bad weather, I will cancel this event and refund you.
Photo session and hike - Garden of the Gods or Pulpit Rock
Join me at the magnificent Garden of the Gods located on the west side of Colorado Springs! We will explore the trails and take in the beauty of the massive red rocks as I photographically document your time spent there. As we explore, I will capture multiple beautiful backdrops offered at the Garden of the Gods and possibly even experience some wildlife (fingers crossed). Nervous to stand in front of the camera? No worries! I will give you prompts to help you relax and enjoy your time! - believe me, it's going to be so much fun! :) A few things to consider: - The trails are easy to navigate for beginners and children. There are some areas with stairs, but these can easily be avoided if needed. - Perfect for families, friends, couples, or solos (every shoot is a private session). Even bring your furry friends if you would like! - Photos will be professionally edited and delivered through an online gallery 2 weeks after your experience date. ***Special discounted pricing for a limited time, snatch up this great deal quick before it's gone!*** Feel free to message me with any questions! Looking forward to getting out there with you and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer! :)
Garden of the Gods Ancient Past- Geology Hiking Tour
Embark on a journey through time! From minerals and rocks, to faults and fossils, we will uncover the secrets of Colorado’s geologic past as we explore the best trails in the Garden of the Gods Park. During the tour, you will experience: - Fun and informative hikes that highlight the best that the Garden of the Gods has to offer - Learning to identify our local minerals and other features in the rocks - Discovery of fossils that highlight Colorado's amazing geologic past - A deeper appreciation of how today's majestic landscape formed - Officially permitted guide and a local university instructor This tour includes the use of a daypack and hiking poles, if needed, and a variety of healthy trail snacks and water. In addition, each child will receive a geology sample bag that includes a fossil and a trail gem! Other details: Total hiking distance will be approximately 2 miles on maintained dirt trails with some rocky areas. Guests should be physically fit and enjoy a moderate challenge. We will begin our journey at the South Garden Parking Lot in the park.
Road Trip w Rebecca Colorado Springs
This is an event for nature lovers... and a bit of man-made, too! Garden of the Gods. 1.5 hrs or so... We will hike through the Garden of the Gods with its majestic red rocks and natural beauty, and I will talk about the science and history of the city and the area. The Broadmoor Hotel(not the waterfalls): 1.5 hrs or so... We will walk around the lake and through the buildings, taking in the beauty and grandeur. OLD COLORADO CITY: 1.5 hrs or so... We will go there for lunch and you can check out a few shops if you like. Paint Mines: 1.5 hrs or so... We will walk through and climb on the formations, which look like a miniature grand canyon or Painted Desert.(it's a bit of a drive to this spot, but so worth it!)(40 min drive each way) Join me on this adventure as we walk and talk and enjoy each other's company and the natural and man made sites to see. PS Drop off and pick up poss. Even if you're in Denver... pay gas fee $100.. (I have to drive 6 hrs to pick up and drop off. 1.5 each times 4. I'm willing to do it. I hope $100 for gas and time sounds fair.) PS HIKING ability needed but not strenuous; we go slow; PREPPING for altitude DRESSING for weather Ask questions of me before we go:) *If you have 3 people in your group, pay the private tour's cheaper... *** winter, I cancel if under degrees, really windy, ice or snow, etc
Crack open and explore sustainably managed beehives
When you arrive at the apiary I will have tea ready for us to sit down in the yard and discuss any questions you may have and to get to know each other a bit. Then we will take a quick bathroom break before we suit up! You will want to have a baseball cap with hair pulled back because there is no touching your face after we get dressed. It is a small walk to the hives themselves were we will say a little introduction to the hive before cracking the propolis seal and taking a peak! We will investigate the health of the hive, note anything out of the ordinary and ask that the bees tell us if they need anything. When we are done looking at the hives we will button them back up and head back to the house to get out of our suits! I will provide a pitcher of water so that we can cool off and discuss any questions that popped up and then we will say our goodbyes for the day!
Forest bathing near Pikes Peak
The Japanese call it "Shinrin-Yoku", Native American's practiced "Earth Touching" - and scientific research shows physically spending time and reconnecting with nature can have amazing health and wellness benefits. However, disconnecting from our addiction to technology can be challenging, and remembering how to slow things down can be difficult. Let me help guide you across our private wooden, mountain property in a slow-paced, relaxed walk anyone can handle. In this social event, we will start with introductions to each other, then an introduction to Shinrin-Yoku and your "Non-Goal" goals of simply opening up your senses and being alert with your surroundings. Then, we'll begin our journey - through the open pasture of a valley, into a wooded, ascent to the top of the hill with breath-taking views of Pikes Peak. Where we'll all sit for a time and enjoy the splendor of Mother Nature. You will be walking less than a mile, at a very, very slow pace. The goal is not the destination, but observing and truly absorbing your surroundings. This event will take place, rain, snow, sleet or shine... the idea here is to embrace nature. Other things to note Adults only please, the idea is to spend time absorbing nature, not chasing down youngsters.
Photography Session Garden of The Gods
(Other dates/times are available just send a direct message, and we will figure out all the logistics) Garden of the Gods is by far one of my favorite places here in Colorado We will be hanging out and hiking at the park for about an hour. Walking along the Central Garden Trail. This is an easy, 1 1/2 mile round trip path. This trail is in the heart of the Park at the base of the highest rock formations. Photo Session: One hour private photo session will be held at Garden of The Gods Access to all digital photographs in an online gallery (100+ images) The price is set at $150 per person ($300 for couples) The group price is set at $450, and is designed for families (You can bring up to 10 guests) | Just book for three people when making the booking online Time: I offer many different packages on my own website as well be sure to check them out! If you don't see a time slot on my calendar that works, please send me a message. I would be happy to make special arrangements. Print: You will have access to all the digital files, professionally edited in an online gallery. You can also easily choose to print your photos either on my website or your preferred print shop. LGBTQ+ Friendly! Love is love, and adventure is for everyone Feeling Tip$y (Venmo): @Bobak-Radbin
Garden of the Gods Walk and Photo Shoot
Explore the most beautiful city park in the country as you make memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy epic views around the park and get a professional photoshoot! Garden of the Gods is located on the west side of Colorado Springs at the foothills of the Rockies. The 1,300-acre park has beautiful sandstone formations and lots of hiking trails with opportunities to see local wildlife such as mule deer, elk, coyotes, bobcats and even bighorn sheep! Whether you are solo, with your loved one, pets, or the entire family, all are welcome! Meet me in the parking lot and I'll take you to my favorite scenic spots for the perfect photos. Sunset is the best time of day for photos in the park but I can adapt to your schedule and take them any time of day. If you don't see a day or time available on the schedule just send me a message and I will work with you. You'll be provided with a digital album of 30 photos within a week of the photoshoot, and I can provide you with 5 preview photos within 24 hours. These high resolution professional images will also be available for print upon request. Prints would be done separately and mailed to you in 7-10 business days.
Garden of the Gods Immersion Hike
We will meet at the Garden of the Gods entrance sign and take you on an immersive hike through the Garden of the Gods. First, we will get your photo with the entire park backdrop--a classic park picture! Then we will guide you on the easy and convenient trails through the central Garden. We will share the history, fascinating geology, and fun facts about local plants and the Native Americans that still consider the Garden sacred land. Next we will take you on less-traveled side trails to some of the hidden park features not typically seen by visitors. You will enjoy the most stunning views and amazing red rock formations! Hike For Life will take you on the beautiful central trails and impressive side trails for a longer immersion hike in Garden of the Gods. This moderate experience is an ideal longer hike (5 miles) with more time to truly enjoy the park. During the hike we will also provide you tips on destinations in town and useful information for your future hiking adventures. Other things to note: This is a longer, moderate hike and ideal for those that are physically fit, enjoy getting off the beaten path and do not mind unprepared trails. Your guide will take care of the navigation so you can enjoy all the best views the park offers! Our goal is to provide you with a memorable, safety-oriented, informative and fun experience that motivates you to explore more!
Trees of Light
**This experience is SOLELY for those who appreciate handmade and original art. This is not an art class. We will not be making anything, instead this experience is considered an exclusive way to purchase fine art pieces that we design and create.** We will begin by very briefly talking about how we make our signature light sculptures, followed by heading down to our art studio to share our finished creations that you are welcomed to purchase. Your initial ticket amount ($20) will be given back to use as a credit towards any of our sculptures. These lights are considered fine art and are our design and we take pride in offering something that can't be found elsewhere. Therefore, that reflects in our pricing. Our lights begin at $80 and go up from there. We know if you're here in Colorado you're here to enjoy a nice getaway, so we have sizes that are easy to take back with you in your luggage or we also offer shipping! You are not obligated to buy our Trees of Light, but most find one they absolutely fall in love with, or decide to have one custom made! Our creations can never be duplicated and are truly unique, made by us - artisans who believe in preserving the life of nature and boldly displaying its timeless majesty in an artful way.