Our diverse global community makes Airbnb possible

Building an inclusive platform for all hosts and guests is our greatest goal, and we’re always working to improve it.

Understanding bias and belonging

One of the ways we’re fighting discrimination is through unconscious bias training. To help our members understand discrimination and the biases that cause it, we’ve created this toolkit exploring bias and other factors that influence people’s decisions, even without their knowledge.

Taking action together

Airbnb Citizen advocates for progress by working together with our global community. This is where we share tools for learning and advocating, ideas from leading thinkers, news on the status of home sharing and ways to take action.

Helping our hosts create belonging

Shared understanding is essential to building more welcoming and inclusive Airbnb experiences. Our expanded Help Center has answers to many real-world questions about our nondiscrimination policy.

We want to hear from you

We’re inspired by the vibrancy of our Community Center, where our hosts share stories and ideas with each other, that delight us and motivate us to build a better platform. Share your experiences of human connection and spark a discussion.