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Airbnb Online Experiences are live, interactive activities hosted virtually by experts in their field. From classes and workshops to shows and entertainment, enjoy unique and meaningful online gatherings to connect, learn, and have fun while working remotely.

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Meet hundreds of highly reviewed Experience hosts and learn from their unique expertise geared towards teams.
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Book Online Experiences just for teams within your organization.
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See what teams have to say

"I LOVED IT! I would actually love to do more. I have recommended this experience to my network and shared the experience with my leadership team with the hopes that we could do something like this with our team since we are global.
Team booker, Accenture
Team booker, Accenture
“That was literally the most fun you can have on a Zoom meeting. From the camera shots to the interactive nature of the show (yes, it WAS a show) to the awesome, awesome hosts (oh, and don’t forget the insanely good sangria recipe), that was a top notch experience.
Team booker, Brightwave
Team booker, Brightwave
"Meditation with sheep was AMAZING! The whole set up was fantastic. We did this as a team-building activity, and everyone at the company was in love with it. I have recommended it to other companies. I can't wait to travel again so I can see their farm.
Team booker, Coinbase
Team booker, Coinbase

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With over 700 Experiences, you can choose from a wide variety of cooking classes, workshops, entertainment, wellness, and more.

Hosted by Olympians and Paralympians

United States
Vision for Success with Olympian Lina Taylor
United States
'Go for Gold' Olympic Mindset Tips & Games with Lina Taylor
United States
A Champion Mindset with Michelle Carter


How do I book for a private group?

Check out the step-by-step instructions to book for your team here

What is the normal group size for Airbnb Experiences?

Group sizes for regular, non-private Experiences can be between one and ten guests to keep Experiences personal. However, if you book a private Experience for your own group, group sizes can be increased up to 30 guests. Sometimes, your host might be able to accommodate more people than what is indicated on the description page. You can always message your host directly via Airbnb to confirm and coordinate.

What should I do if I don’t see a date or time I want?

You can request a new availability for any date or time not listed on a host’s calendar.

To send a request: (1) Click the Contact host button on the host’s experience page (2) Choose between asking a question, or requesting availability for dates and times (3) Choose the new date, time, and number of guests (4) Decide if you want to book a private instance (5) Review your request (6) Click Send request

Once you send a request to book a new date or time, a host can review the reservation details and accept or deny your request. If they confirm, you’ll be prompted to complete the booking through a message in your inbox. If your request is denied, you can work with the host to find a different time that works better for their schedule.

If a host accepts your new instance request, you’ll need to confirm and pay to complete your booking.

How does pricing work for private group bookings?

Hosts are able to set a minimum price point for a private group booking. If a group makes a reservation and the total cost for the group exceeds the minimum price threshold set by the host, then the group will pay the higher amount. For example, if the host sets a minimum threshold of $100 and the price per guest is $20, the group will pay $100 for a group size up to 5 guests, and an additional $20 per guest for any additional guests.

Can my host customize the experience for my team?

Though all experiences have a set agenda, hosts are typically happy to accommodate the requests of private groups. Please reach out to your host via Airbnb messaging to discuss any customization options).

Where can I buy gift cards for Airbnb Experiences?

An Airbnb gift card is the perfect start to any journey, near or far. You can choose from a wide selection of fun designs and personalize your gift message and amount. For more details, visit airbnb.com/d/gift-cards.

For large group experiences reach out to: Jake.estes@airbnb.com