How Uslan hosts

Uslan hosts in London to be part of the Airbnb community

What was your motivation to start hosting?

I had been using Airbnb as a guest for years, and have always enjoyed the experience—whether it be the location, the home or the host. I think those positive experiences were my real motivation for hosting myself.

What were your concerns before you started hosting?

Honestly? Where to store all my stuff so it's not in the way! Having been a guest before, a lot of the concerns about someone staying in my home were already alleviated—I knew my place would be insured, I knew about security deposits, and I knew guests would be respectful in the same way friends and I are respectful of the properties we stay in.

What’s your favorite thing about being a host?

It would be a bit crass to say the money, but let's face it, it’s important. That said, I really enjoy meeting guests and sharing my local knowledge. I'm a born and bred Londoner and and have a real connection with the area I live in. Being able to share hidden gems with guests wanting to explore the area is genuinely pleasing.

What’s been the most surprising thing about hosting?

Discovering the community of other Airbnb hosts in my local area and the good work they do. Airbnb's more than just the guest and host, there's so much more that the community around the hosts do.

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