How Tessa hosts

Tessa hosts in London to earn extra money.

What was your motivation to start hosting?

I had a very small ambition when I started hosting for the Olympics. I thought, “Well, I might be able to make enough for a holiday or to heat my home.”

What’s kept you hosting for this many years?

What I found once I started getting guests was that my world suddenly started getting bigger. I love it. I’m an ambassador for London in that I know the city very well and I can show people things they wouldn’t read about in guidebooks. I’m able to give back. I matter to people.

Any tips or advice for someone who is considering hosting?

Be extremely relaxed about your home and enjoy.

Is the Host Guarantee an important thing for you?

It’s absolutely crucial. I love that I have that to back me and to help me. I’ve never really had to use it. I’ve had fantastic guests, and I’ve given them trust, and they’ve given me trust. But that comes with the bedrock of the Host Guarantee.

Has hosting changed your lifestyle?

Yes, immeasurably. I have been able to do three years of textiles at Morley Art College. Everything I could get my hands on that I could stitch and sew and create and use with my hands, I did. I have been able to travel. Hosting has helped me pay for a new kitchen and other upgrades.

How has hosting changed how you treat your home?

I have learnt to not be so attached to my bits and pieces.

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