How Silvia & Mateo host

Silvia and Mateo host in London for the flexibility it provides

What was your motivation to start hosting?

Silvia: I've been an Airbnb user for years as a guest and have always loved the concept. I decided to start hosting because I have a spare room and Airbnb allows me to have lots of flexibility.

What were your concerns before you started hosting?

Silvia: As I host in my primary home, I was very concerned about safety, excessive noise, and of course possible damage in the house.

Is the Host Guarantee an important thing for you?

Mateo: Having the Host Guarantee gives us peace of mind, because accidents can happen. Having your back covered puts you much more at ease.

Any tips or advice for someone considering hosting?

Silvia: If you are considering opening up your home, don't be afraid to set your own rules. Be very clear about what guests can and cannot do, so they never have the wrong expectations. Communication is key.

Has hosting changed your lifestyle?

Silvia: I have more expendable income, which allows me to travel in a way that would not be possible if it wasn't for Airbnb.

What’s your favorite thing about being a host?

Silvia: Being a host allowed me to meet people from all around the world. Guests never stop surprising me. Every time is a different experience, and often they bring gifts from their country.

Mateo: You really get to know your guests and they get to know you. And sometimes they invite us to their place in their hometown so they can sort of return the favor and make us feel like we’re at home.

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