How Kamie hosts

Kamie hosts in London to meet new people and supplement her retirement income.

What was your motivation to start hosting?

I needed company and to supplement my pension.

How do you prepare to make sure guests have a great arrival experience?

Make the outside of my home look inviting with plants, and use scented fragrance in the house as they arrive. The room is clean and fresh smelling, and I leave a tray of snacks.

What’s your favorite thing about being a host?

Meeting new people from diverse backgrounds and feeling as if we've known each other for a long time after a day's visit.

What were your concerns before you started hosting?

Having someone in my home who I have never met before.

Any tips or advice for someone considering hosting?

Hosting bridges a financial gap for me and offers company at the same time.

Has hosting changed your lifestyle?

It has brought new friends all over the world ... I am in touch on WhatsApp and FaceTime with some of my guests.

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