How François hosts

François hosts in Paris to earn extra money

What was your motivation to start hosting?

I needed to supplement my income so I could continue living in the center of Paris. I was coming out of a divorce and with just my salary, expenses were becoming difficult.

How do you prepare to make sure guests have a great arrival experience?

First, I send them a list of my favorite spots (shops, parks, markets, etc.) and then we discuss their trip. When they arrive, they find guides and maps of Paris, as well as something to eat and drink. I always leave French specialties and fresh produce on the table for them.

Are there differences between what you imagined and the reality of hosting?

It's never complicated. My guests are always happy to arrive in the heart of the capital. It's a pleasure for both parties.

Any tips or advice for someone who is considering hosting?

Don't stress. My apartment has been left in impeccable shape after every guest stay.

What do you like most about being a host?

Meeting new people, sharing the happiness of living in Paris, and practicing my English!

What’s the most surprising thing you've experienced as an Airbnb host?

You really get to know and connect with guests. I'm here to greet them and talk with them before and during their stay. A little while ago, a decorator booked my apartment. She gave me quite a few tips and we've stayed in touch, often exchanging ideas, even though she lives in Finland. I took her advice and repainted a wall in my apartment.

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