Community Leader program details

Representing hosts all around the globe, Community Leaders are an indispensable part of the larger Airbnb Community. As a Leader, you’ll bring hosts together in a local Host Club to collaborate, share, and collectively grow with Airbnb in many different ways.

Moderate a Facebook group

Community Leaders volunteer their time managing a local Facebook group. As moderator of the group, you’ll:

  • Accept and welcome new members.
  • Post weekly, sharing Airbnb updates and insights as well as posting conversation prompts to spark engagement within your Host Club.
  • Explore and discuss how you can advocate for local small businesses and the unique impact of healthy tourism and hosting.

Host monthly meetups

Incredible things can happen when hosts are brought together. Gathering your community for monthly meetups is a crucial building block to strengthening host connection in a fun and inventive way.

  • Gather local hosts together, online or in-person, to learn from each other's best practices, troubleshoot challenges, and share local knowledge.
  • Use Airbnb-provided meetup toolkits, templates, and resources to ensure your events are a success.

Act as a community representative

We are counting on our Leaders to elevate their community's ideas and feedback to Airbnb Leadership.

  • Participate in check-in calls with your local Airbnb Regional Manager.
  • Share the challenges of your local community so our team can better address them.