A busy New Yorker keeps pace with tradition

Phones ringing off the hook… email in-box overflowing… Stressful doesn’t quite cut it when describing Michael’s job as marketing manager for Carnegie Hall. Nowadays, the iconic institution holds more than 800 performances a year.

Inspired by the desperate need for work-life balance and as a way to pay tribute to his late father, who died of cancer in 2003, Michael took up running. And not just any running, we’re talking marathons–two to three per year.

Michael shared a photo of his father running in a Marine Corps marathon. It was shot at Mile 24, the pain purely visible on Dad’s sweaty face. Every time he runs a marathon and reaches this point in the race and feels the pain, Michael sees it as a bonding moment between father and son.

Michael has found special ways to bond with guests who’ve rented the spare bedroom of his Queens home. Once upon a time, he literally took his work home with him: tickets to a show (executive box seats!) at Carnegie for a couple visiting from Italy. “They just went nuts,” said Michael, “and it was just so neat because I felt this connection that I was their tour guide, that I was their mentor while they were in New York City.”

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