San Francisco, CA, USA

On any given day in our sunny San Francisco office, you'll find us brainstorming a project, wildly clicking away on features, or ogling at the incredible, new listings that roll in by the minute. The dynamism is tangible, the energy contagious. We are driven, entrepreneurially minded, and solution oriented. Among other talents, we are skilled at transmuting caffeine, hummus, and laughter into killer code and customer service. We dig passion and fun as much as we do creativity and hard work. Above all, we care most about cultivating an environment where our team can thrive; the chairs are comfy, the fridge is stocked, and the couch is named Chesterfield.

San Francisco, CA, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA
San Francisco, CA, USA

Open Positions

CX Global Service Manager, Homes Customer Experience
CX Global Service Manager - Trips Customer Experience
Data Science Manager, Payments Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Algorithms Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Algorithms, Pricing Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Algorithms, Risk (China) Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Analytics Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Analytics, Payments Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Analytics, Product Quality Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Analytics, Pro Host Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Analytics, Risk Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Inference Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Inference, Growth Discovery Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Inference, Guest Activation Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Inference, Host Growth Data Science/Analytics
Data Scientist - Inference, Pro Host Data Science/Analytics
Copywriter, Airbnb For Work (Contingent) Design
Compensation Manager Employee Experience
Global Mobility Manager Employee Experience
Global Workplace Operations Manager Employee Experience
Sr. Facilities Manager Employee Experience
Application Security Engineer Engineering
Director, Infrastructure Engineering
Engineering Manager Engineering
Engineering Manager, Analytics Products Engineering
Engineering Manager, Data Engineering Engineering
Engineering Manager, Experiences Engineering
Engineering Manager, Experimentation Engineering
Engineering Manager, Finance Engineering
Engineering Manager, Infrastructure Engineering
Engineering Manager, Machine Learning Engineering
Engineering Manager, Payments Engineering
Engineering Manager, Pro Host Acquisition & Platform Engineering
Engineering Manager, Search Engineering
Information Security Risk and Compliance Manager Engineering
IT Security Engineer Engineering
Release Engineer Engineering
Security CSIRT Engineer Engineering
Security Software Engineer Engineering
Software Engineer, Airbnb for Work Engineering
Software Engineer, Analytics Products (Superset) Engineering
Software Engineer, Android Engineering
Software Engineer, Booking Experience Engineering
Software Engineer, China (SF) Engineering
Software Engineer, Cities Engineering
Software Engineer, Data Platform Engineering
Software Engineer, Developer Platform Engineering
Software Engineer, Experiences Engineering
Software Engineer, Frontend Engineering
Software Engineer, Full Stack Engineering
Software Engineer, Growth Engineering
Software Engineer, Homes Infrastructure Engineering
Software Engineer, Human Team Engineering
Software Engineer, Infrastructure Engineering
Software Engineer, iOS Engineering
Software Engineer, Lux Engineering
Software Engineer, Machine Learning Engineering
Software Engineer, Mobile Tools Engineering
Software Engineer, Native Infrastructure Engineering
Software Engineer, Notifications Infrastructure Engineering
Software Engineer, Payments Engineering
Software Engineer, Pricing Engineering
Software Engineer, Pricing Optimization Engineering
Software Engineer, Search Engineering
Software Engineer, Search Relevance Engineering
Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineering
Software Engineer, Trips Engineering
Software Engineer, Trust Engineering
Software Engineer, Web Accessibility Engineering
Technical Program Manager, Data Quality Engineering
Technical Program Manager - Payments Engineering
Analyst, Platform Finance/Accounting
Director Tax Accounting Finance/Accounting
Manager, Growth Strategy & Analytics Finance/Accounting
Manager, Strategic Analysis and Planning (Homes Business) Finance/Accounting
Project Manager Finance/Accounting
Senior Accountant, Revenue Finance/Accounting
Sr. Manager, Payments Accounting & Operations Finance/Accounting
Sr. Manager, Procure-to-Pay Operations Finance/Accounting
Tax Operations Manager Finance/Accounting
IT Systems Operations Manager Information Technology
Service Delivery Manager - Content & Collaboration Tools Information Technology
Sr. Voice Network Engineer Information Technology
Counsel Employment Legal
Counsel, Privacy Legal
Senior Counsel, Insurance Solutions Legal
Experiences Public Relations Manager Marketing/Communications
Growth Marketing Lead, Engagement Marketing/Communications
Growth Marketing Lead, SEM Marketing/Communications
Growth Marketing Manager, Display Marketing/Communications
Host Conversion Program Manager Operations
Product Lead - Communities Product
Product Lead (Experience Design) - Samara Product
Product Lead - Growth Product
Product Lead - Guest Experience Product
Product Lead - Trust Product
Product Manager - Host Product
Product Manager - Pricing Product
Product Manager - Rapid Prototyping (Samara) Product
Tax Policy Associate Public Policy
Experience Researcher Research
Survey Scientist Research
Power Electronics Engineer Samara
Product Manager - Samara Samara
Technical Illustrator (CONTRACT) Samara
Diversity Talent Manager Talent
Diversity Talent Sourcer Talent
Employment Brand Manager Talent
Foundation Sourcer Talent
Recruiting Analytics Manager Talent
Recruiting Strategy and Operations Lead Talent
Tech Recruiter Talent
Tech Sourcer Talent
University Inbound Sourcing Coordinator (6 month contract) Talent