Data Science and Analytics

The Data Science/Analytics team helps navigate Airbnb through uncharted waters. We turn hard data into useful insights and compelling stories. From optimizing our site to guiding on-the-ground operations, we love to challenge conventional wisdom, use information to build awesome visualizations, and develop effective solutions for teams around the world. If you love bringing creative flair to complex challenges, and you’re pretty handy with cutting code, the A-Team wants to talk with YOU.

Articles from the team

Read a few thoughts from some of our esteemed data scientists and analysts.

Designing Machine Learning Models: A Tale of Precision and Recall
Ariana Radianto, Data Scientist

Of course every model is different, but hopefully it will give readers an insight on how we use data in a Machine Learning application to help protect our users, and the different approaches we use to improve our models. For this blog post, suppose we want to build a model to predict if certain fictional characters are evil*... Read more.

How Airbnb uses machine learning to detect host preferences
Bar Ifrach, Data Scientist

For each search query that a guest enters on Airbnb’s search engine, our model computes the likelihood that relevant hosts will want to accommodate the guest’s request... Read more.

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