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Get paid to share your love of travel

Join the Airbnb Associates program and earn money when you promote Airbnb stays and experiences. Terms apply

How it works

Create content

Create links or customized widgets for your site, or use our templates to build out your own travel pages—no HTML required.

Share with your audience

Promote places to stay and things to do by sharing associates content on your website or social media account.

Start earning

When someone books on Airbnb through your content, you'll earn 30% of Airbnb guest fee for completed stays and 25% of Airbnb host fee for completed experiences. Learn more

How to share content

Share links

Create custom links to highlight stays or experiences you want to recommend.

Embed widgets

Add customized widgets to your site with specific listings or generic search boxes.

Build travel pages

Choose from thoughtfully designed templates to build out your own pages.

Stand out with templates

Create travel content that fits the way you want to connect with your audience. Customize, publish, and manage your content with built-in editing tools.

Things nearby

Use a map to show stays and experiences that are close to a point of interest.

Your favorites

Share stays and experiences you’ve booked or saved while browsing.

Airbnb search box

Make it easy for your audience to search on their own.

What we’re looking for

Whether you’re an influencer, Airbnb host, brand-affiliated, or just love sharing unforgettable travel opportunities, you might be the right fit.


You make popular destinations feel undiscovered. Your audience awaits your posts, likes, and mentions.


You’re an explorer at heart and a born storyteller who loves sharing unique experiences from around the globe.

Travel brands

Your expertise is helping people from all around the world discover unforgettable travel opportunities.

Airbnb hosts

You know better than anyone what makes Airbnb special and you’re a natural at helping travelers make the most out of a trip.

Common questions

Check out these answers to common questions and review the program details in the Help Center.

What if someone books a stay or an experience other than the one I was promoting?

You’ll earn for any qualified booking made by the guest, as long as the guest came to Airbnb through your link and fulfills the other program conditions.

How long does someone have to book once they click my content?

They’ll need to book within 28 days for a stay and 14 days for an experience in order for you to get credit for the booking. You’ll earn once they’ve completed their stay or experience.

What happens if someone books after clicking content from multiple associates?

The last associate link a guest clicked before booking will be the one to get the credit.

As an Airbnb host, can I get credit for both stays and experiences that I host myself?

Airbnb hosts can get credit for sharing experiences and stays, including stays and experience bookings at their own listing.

What will my earnings be?

As an associate, you’ll be paid 30% of the Airbnb guest fee every time someone books and completes a stay through your content, and you’ll be paid 25% of the Airbnb host fee every time someone books and completes an experience (online or in person) through your content. Check out the help center and terms for additional conditions.

Ready to start earning as an Airbnb Associate?