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Places to Stay in Mismaloya

The zoo in Puerto Vallarta is often overlooked because there are SO many incredible things to explore in the bay. However, if you're looking to do something a bit different, the zoo is a great option! It is also a lot different from other zoos because it is situated deep in the mountains! Here, you will find some unique places to stay in Mismaloya!
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Legacy Departamentos Marlín (Segundo nivel)
Entire apartmentAguacate
Price:$76 / night
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Newly constructed home with a View
Entire condominiumMISMALOYA
Price:$86 / night
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Jungle, mountains & ocean view. LaJollaDeMismaloya
Entire apartmentPuerto Vallarta
Price:$100 / night
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Majestic Mismaloya. Condo La Galera awaits you.
Entire condominiumMismaloya
Price:$85 / night
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