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Unique things to do in Alaska

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Highland Hugs
Visit and connect with the old world house cow of the North, the Scottish Highland cow. You can get close to this docile breed: pet, scratch, brush and even hug these magnificent beasts. They love it as much as you will. There are calves and they are very cute! If you are feeling adventuresome, book two hours, from 9 -11. I let the cows out at nine. We can go with them for some forest bathing as they browse in the woods. We might identify some edible plants and berries and bring them back with us. We will be out for about one hour. Then we will come back for some cuddles with the calves and yearlings. I may prepare a snack incorporating things we have found in the woods. This experience will require sure footedness, heavy clothes, mosquito protection, and hiking boots. Mostly trail less with some heavy brush. This experience would be the best way to share our lifestyle with you.
Incredible Aurora Viewing Adventure
Tour Details: * Depart from Fairbanks, Alaska.  * The adventure starts in our warm, modern van to one or more locations that, depending on weather, will be best for viewing. * Learn from a local expert about Fairbanks and Alaska in a small group setting * Training on how to take photos of the Incredible Northern Lights with hands-on assistance * Enjoy looking up stargazing into the universe, glamour at the constellations, maybe catch a shooting star, and chase the Aurora Borealis * On evenings when the Northern Lights are exceptionally active, we may stay out later for your enjoyment * Aurora Portraits are included if desired for FREE. * Adventure includes hotel pick-up and drop-off  Additional Tour Information What should you expect on your guided Aurora Adventure? * An email the day of the tour with a pickup time and information. * An education of the science behind the Aurora. * Understand what makes Fairbanks the perfect location for Northern Light viewing. * Perfect Aurora Pictures - your local expert guide will offer techniques and settings on your camera or smartphone Other things to note We will only go out when we know we are going to see some Aurora. With our key locations and experience we will view the Northern Lights or you can come out viewing with us again for free within the next 30 days.
Gold Rush Husky Dog Sledding
We run tours at a local Non Profit Sled Dog Rescue and proceeds from tours go to Rescue efforts and volunteers. Your participation in our tour will help socialize a few rescue dogs and help them on their journey to their forever home. When you arrive for your dog sledding, we will meet a few dogs. These animals want love and they're not afraid to ask for it. Belly rubs and ear scratches, are all welcomed in this crew of love mongrels. After the initial greetings we'll make sure you are dressed appropriately, extra hats, gloves, jackets and snow pants are provided. Next we will have a safety talk about sledding. This is an interactive ride, sitting is an option, but we suggest standing for the full experience! Similar to riding a bike or going on a hike, we are not breaking speed records with these dogs, so great for even less active folks. The sledding will be approximately 20-30 minutes with time for photos. When the dogs are relaxed afterwards, we can take group and individual photos with your favorite pups or full team. Once we get back to the homestead you will be able to meet the rest of the dogs (kennel tour), and say hello to our friendly reindeer with a small walk and photos.
Private Dog Sled Tour
Come visit our 40 acre homestead and learn about life with 30 amazing athletes. Learn about the loving and hardy sled dog breeds, Alaskan and Siberian huskies, and why they excel as sled dogs. Get to know each of their fun personalities, as we tell you stories of where they each came from and the fun adventures we have had with them. After you meet the dogs it's off on a sled ride through the birch and aspen forest. Enjoy watching the dogs fluffy butts while hearing nothing but the soft sound of the sled gliding over the snow and the dogs gentle breathing. The dogs of Susuitna Sled Dog Adventures are more than working dogs, they are our family. We love sharing their passion with others and hope you leave our home filled with as much admiration and respect for these amazing animals as we are.
Sled Dog Kennel Tour
Play with a pack of sled dogs as they savor their relaxing down time. Enjoy the unique experience of being surrounded by 25 fluffy faces, all ready to give you kisses. Spend time in the dog yard as all the dogs run free and play. Take a look at our winter gear, sleds, and learn what it takes to run sled dogs in Alaska. We will answer all of your questions about sled dogs and life in Alaska. This is a great activity for dog lovers who want to learn about sled dogs, and more importantly, get a dose of dog therapy.
Hike with Huskies in Fairbanks, Alaska
Get out of the city and into the Alaskan wilderness with a "husky hike" - guided nature hike with your own Siberian Husky sled dog. After a brief tour of the homestead, we will visit the dog yard and you will meet your hiking partner, one of our friendly Siberian Husky sled dogs. You will learn to harness your husky, and then together we will embark on a nature walk through the old growth boreal forest that surrounds the homestead. This is hike is 3 miles round trip and crosses uneven, moderately steep terrain. We will point out wildflowers, trees, and animals on our walk up to the top of the ridge, where vast panoramic views of the Chatanika River Valley and the White Mountains await. We will sit on top of the ridge and enjoy a hot drink, home-baked treat, and the company of your sled dog partner before we descend down through the cranberry bushes and ferns back to the kennel. On this tour you will have the opportunity to learn about Siberian Huskies, the natural history of Alaska, sled dogs, the Iditarod Sled Dog Race (Lisbet is a 3-time finisher), and off-grid living. This tour is 2-3 hours total, from arrival to departure. Other things to note: Bring hiking shoes, light jacket in case of wind/rain, water bottle, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Be prepared to walk up and downhill on uneven terrain. *Contact us to request dates not on the calendar.*
Catch and Cook ice fishing adventure
You will walk down onto the lake where your guide will greet you and bring you into our heated ice fishing cabin. After a quick check-in (fishing license/waiver) your guide will give you a quick and easy demonstration on the best techniques to successfully catch a fish during your adventure. Once you have caught a fish you will have the option to either release the fish or have the guide prepare and cook it for you. While in the cabin there will be hot drinks available (hot cocoa/tea).
A Walk in the Woods with Reindeer - Winter Tour
During this experience you'll feed and pet our majestic reindeer, Sophie and Phoebe, take a short hike through our winding nature trails, and be able to warm up inside next to the fire while sipping a warm beverage and nibbling on some of our favorite homestead snacks in the historic Sistine Chapel of Alaska log cabin. We'll first have an opportunity to get up close and personal to the mystical creature of so many Christmas tales and Arctic lore, the majestic reindeer! You'll learn all about why the rooftops "click, click, click" on Christmas Eve, how their hollow hair is an incredible insulator in the frigid north, and how their antlers are the fastest growing bones in the animal world! We'll also learn why these hardy creatures make such ideal livestock for Alaska. Next, we'll take a short hike through our private nature trail that wind through the boreal forest, learning about many of the plant and animal inhabitants that are commonly found there and the myriad resources that are available that help keep us fed, healthy, sheltered, and happy. We’ll end our experience in the historic Sistine Chapel of Alaska log cabin that has a colorful past as a saloon, when the iconic mural on the ceiling was painted, that is sure to dazzle the spirit and mind. We’ll warm up next to the wood barrel stove sipping on your choice warm beverage and our favorite homestead snacks.
My off-grid homestead life w/ sled dogs
I will show you my personal Alaskan life at my off the beaten path homestead, just south of Talkeetna. Of course you will meet my Alaskan husky sled dogs. They are a rowdy bunch, but also super friendly and some (Sam and Hayden) even think that 50 - 60 lb is a perfect size to be a lap dog. You will meet each dog individual and learn about sled dogs in general. You will also learn about how the dogs are an integral part of my life and will sit at my kitchen table to see what it takes to live in Alaska year round without having any utility connections (no running water or electricity network hookup). I have setup many systems to still live a relative modern life in summer as well as in winter. You will learn about how me and the dogs collect our own water, haul our own firewood and building material, and how I grow, ferment, bake and gather 80% of my own food. Besides helping me with these tasks the dogs also provide me with winter transportation to explore the incredible back-country of Alaska in winter. It is a unique opportunity to see how and why we live here in the far north. Come visit me and my dogs. Note: * Guests have to be interested in working dogs and off-grid living. * I have no running water and sport an outhouse. No smoking, no animals of any kind. * This is not a large scale tourist destination, but my real life.
Badass Bike Ride Adventure
This spectacular bike ride is a favorite among Alaskans. Sorry locals, the secret's out! Claimed by some of my guests as “the most beautiful bike ride” they’ve been on. Panoramic mountain views, breathtaking natural beauty will be highlights of our adventure. If we are lucky, we may see wildlife; I'll be on the lookout. ---- We will begin our adventure on bikes at Bird Creek Campground, and head to Bird Point, a scenic lookout. We’ll make our way through nature on a paved bike path rated as easy with some elevation changes. The trip allows plenty of time for sightseeing/photos. If time allows, we can celebrate our successful adventure at a nearby bar/restaurant. ---- Wildlife varies depending on the season, but it's not uncommon to see bald eagles, moose and dall sheep in the area. Whales come during the summer months. Wild animals can be elusive, but that's what makes it so special when you spot them. A wildlife conservation center is only 25 minutes away if you are missing some animals on your punch list. Looking for more of an intense bike ride or an alternative date/time? Private bookings are allowed and encouraged. :)
Anchorage Shopping Tour for Unique Finds
***IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR PREFERRED DATE/TIME, PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE TO INQUIRE! We're here to assist you and will gladly work out a different time that suits your schedule.*** Join me on a unique Alaskan shopping adventure! Explore local antique shops, thrift stores, and native artists' gift stores. Discover hidden gems and hear fascinating stories along the way. I'll be your resource, providing tips and guidance. Experience complete freedom as we visit the shops that interest you most, based on your preferences and time available. Let's make new friends and indulge in a thrilling thrift experience in Anchorage!
Relaxed kayak and hike
Let's give AK a good paddle!! This can be a great way to begin your Alaskan vacation or an enjoyable and relaxed way to end your AK adventure! As a long time local I am happy to offer advice on what to do (attractions, eating, recreation). You will be paddling on a local gem, Beach Lake, were we will enjoying mountain views and Alaskan wildlife (possibly including eagles and loons, moose, bears, fox, coyote, porcupine ect.) This is a great time to take photos, chat or just enjoy the quiet calm waters of Beach Lake. After kayaking across the lake we will leave the kayaks and go for a short hike/walk through the forrest to a salt water inlet beach that offers great views and very limited crowds. Here guests can take in the views and enjoy a truly Alaskan beach. After a 20-30 minute walk at the beach we will return to the kayaks and spend the rest of the time paddling on Beach lake back to where we started. **Aug 15-Sept 30 submit request for your desired date and time**
Glacier Blue Kayak and Grandview Tour
Paddle around magnificent icebergs and up to the Spencer Glacier terminus. Hike onto the gravel moraine and get up close to the glacier blue ice. Enjoy two Alaska Trains: The Coastal Classic & the Glacier Discovery Train, traveling thru the most scenic Grandview & Tunnels sections of the AK Railroad. Glacier Blue Kayak Tour Itinerary: (Coastal Classic Train with Glacier Discovery Return) ANCHORAGE DEPARTURE: 6:45 AM – Coastal Classic departs Anchorage (Breakfast & Coffee is available on the train, but please let the onboard supervisor know that you will be getting off at Spencer Glacier and need to eat early) GIRDWOOD DEPARTURE: 8:05 AM – Coastal Classic departs Girdwood (Guide will board the train here) 9 AM – Arrive at Spencer Whistle Stop 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Kayak Tour on Spencer Lake and short hike 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM – Lunch 2 – 5 PM – Scenic Train Ride to Grandview thru the Upper Placer River Gorge Canyon 5:15 PM – Arrive in Portage and board motorcoach back to Anchorage 6:45 PM – Arrive in Anchorage Other things to note: -A perfect paddle for beginners and expert paddlers. -Trip can start from Anchorage or Girdwood. -There is no tidal influence at Spencer Lake and the mornings are the calmest and beautiful time at Spencer Glacier. -We use tandem (2-person), sit-in kayaks to explore icebergs on Spencer Lake -Our max guest to guide ratio is 6:1
A Walk in the Woods with Reindeer - Summer Tour
Experience our one-of-a-kind arctic homestead with our lovely REINDEER and our historic cabin with its fabled ceiling murals that have been dubbed, "The Sistine Chapel of Alaska"! We’ll wind through our private nature trails observing, smelling, feeling, tasting, and learning all about this unique ecosystem and its edible and medicinal treasures with our 'deer, Sophie and Phoebe! Then we'll finish up in our beautiful cabin consuming our favorite homesteading goodies. We’ll first meet the 'deer and learn all about this mysterious creature of the arctic. They'll guide us through our cultivated homestead and natural boreal forest, as we sift through the many edible and medicinal plants. Depending on the season, here's what you may encounter: Witness the highly medicinal chaga mushroom emerging from a slowly dying birch tree. Pick some labrador tea to enjoy at the conclusion of the tour. See why Devil’s Club is so visually intimidating, but is also edible and medicinal. Taste the sweet astringency of plump black currants or the delicate floral notes of the abundant wild rose. Hear the soft music of the trembling aspen and smell the tell-tale spring fragrance of the poplar buds. We’ll conclude our tour in the cabin where we'll nibble on an array of homesteading snacks and drink tea made from the plants we just experienced, and also learn about some of our preservation techniques.
Pottery lesson in Alaska studio
Bad weather forecast? Want a hands-on activity that is warm and dry yet surrounded by nature? Rabbit Creek Studio has large glass windows surrounding the pottery wheel-throwing area and is set in a relatively forested home lot on the South Anchorage Hillside. If you are lucky you may see moose or other wildlife on the property. In this 2-hour activity, you will get a tour of my professional pottery studio to learn all of the basic steps of making pottery and see where it happens. Then we will get our hands dirty and practice wheel-throwing a clay bowl or cup. Beginners are lucky if they are able to make something that is usable on their first try. But, you will have at at least 1.5 hour of practice. At the end of the session, you have the option to choose your best one or two pots, that I will trim, glaze (you pick the color), kiln fire and mail home to you (postage not included). The full session is 2-hours. If you are short on time, plan for at least one-hour to get a good feel for the pottery wheel throwing experience. This experience is great for individuals or small private family/friend groups. There are (3) three potters wheels available. But if you have a larger group ask about a clay hand-building and wheel throwing combination experience. Please send a message to inquire about groups or alternate times/dates.
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